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Lagenlook – cultivating your personal style.

I say, dress to please yourself. Listen to your inner muse and take a chance. Wear something that says, “Here I am!” today – Iris Apfel

Perhaps this is you or maybe you have seen the woman who dresses this way. She’s the free spirited woman with enviable joi de vivre, often of a certain age, who could be called artful and funky. She dresses herself with seemingly effortless ease in comfortable yet statement making outfits. She can be bohemian as well as chic; romantic in lace ruffles but also polished all the while content to let the clothing speak.

Say goodbye to Spanx and leave the shapewear at home! Many labels that embody this look do not even have sizes and are “one size” or “free size.” With its origins in Europe, the term Lagenlook initially stood for layering linen and natural fabric. However, fashion evolves and all different kinds of fabric are being used to create this look. Although, at cursory glance, Lagenlook throws “rules” right out the window, there is much more to pulling off this look than meets the eye. There are varying levels of degree and many ages are embracing the freedom of billowing tops and flowing hemlines.

Sample of the lines we carry with Lagenlook aesthetic:


Whether you are a garment purist who prefers a more natural and/or organic fiber, are a denim lover or prefer easy care synthetics that travel well with limited wrinkling, there’s a Lagenlook for you.


Stay tuned for more posts! Next up: How to incorporate Lagenlook in your wardrobe (and not look like a sack of potatoes).


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